The UChicago Upward Bound Program has partnered with Kennedy King College through The City Colleges of Chicago Dual Enrollment Program.

City Colleges of Chicago Dual Enrollment Program

This Dual Enrollment Program allows high school juniors and seniors, who meet enrollment criteria, to earn both college and high school credit. Students  can enroll in college courses through one of he seven City Colleges.  Students will need to consult your high school counselor to determine if high school credit will be given for the class the student wishes to take at the college.

What are the advantages of Dual Enrollment? Students can: earn college credit while still enrolled high school, reduce the time and money you will spend in college, and the college credits earned can be applied to college graduation requirements.

Begining this summer, the UChicago Upward Bound students will accelerate their high school and college achievements by enrolling in the City Colleges of Chicago Dual Enrollment Program at Kennedy King College! Participants will have an opportunity to enroll in a College Algebra or Calculus course for college credit. Students who are interested in participating in these classes must register by June 1, 2015! Contact the UChicago Upward Bound office for more information.