Enrichment Activities

Korean Culture Show

On February 19, 2011, at 6:00pm, twenty-two members of the Office of Special Programs-College Prep traveled to South Korea by way of Hutchinson Commons and Mandel Hall. We experienced a taste of Korean food, moved to the beat of the music, and were visually stimulated by the vivid colors of the theatrical production!

Fan dancing

You could hear the Korean Pop music, or K-Pop, as you entered Hutchinson Commons. We dined on Kongnamul, Japchae, Kim-bap, Ddukbokki, Kimchi, Mandu, Kampoongi and Shikeh. Our students tried everything! By the end of the dinner hour, we were stuffed. We even had time to mingle with University students before we took a short journey to Mandel Hall and entered the kingdom of Prince Hane and his subjects. We were captivated and thoroughly engaged in the play’s storyline, singing, traditional fan dancing, drummers, hip-hop dancing, and more K-Pop! Alas, the adventure was over too soon and it was time for us to collect our passports (programs) and return to Cobb Hall before leaving to go home. This was a very eventful evening.

Students at KCS

OSP thanks members of the Students Embracing Newfound Diversity (S.E.N.D.) and Korean Student Organization (KSO) for making all the travel arrangements and for giving our students a chance to experience the Korean culture.

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ISIS Focus Groups with OSP-CP Participants

On February 22 and 23, twelve OSP-CP Upward Bound participants along with forty-five students from other high schools discussed their learning styles and preferences when the subject matter is potentially sensitive or embarrassing such as sex education. The two-day event involved a total of six single-gender, age-based focus groups as part of a collaboration with ISIS (Internet Sexuality Information Services, Inc.). An Oakland, California based nonprofit organization, ISIS provides leadership, innovation, educational resources, and research in online sexual health promotion and healthy relationships to prevent disease transmission. The OSP-CP students who participated agreed that the event gave them the opportunity to meet new people and listen to a variety of opinions and ideas. One student said, “This focus group was an interesting and unique experience. I hope we can do more things like this!”

Students at ISIS Focus Groups

OSP-CP students who participating in ISI Focus Groups

The founder of ISIS, Deb Levine, was included in former President Clinton's report on Education and the Internet. Her career took off in 1993 with the creation and enormous success of Alice! This project was a Q&A service provided by Columbia University for both students and the general public with questions or curiosity about health topics. In the fall of 1994, the website went global. Ms. Levine discovered that topics which are considered to be shameful and embarrassing are best discussed behind a screen – a computer screen then, mobile phone and PDA. She teaches a fall class at San Francisco State called Sexuality and the Internet.

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