Skills & Preparation

Developing study skills will help you regardless of what goals you may have in life. Better study skills help you get better grades, learn a new job, and develop other skills. Becoming an effective note-taker, reader and being able to manage your time wisely are essential skills that will translate to anything you will do. Below are some resources to help develop study skills and preparation for taking the tests required for college admission.

Time Management

Weekly Homework Scheduler

Time is a limited resource

Mind Tools - Skills to help you develop better time management

Time Management Strategy Guide

Academic Skills Center - Keys to managing your time

Test Preparation

The ACT - Test preparation resources for the ACT college entrance exam

The PSAT - Test preparation resources for the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

The SAT - Test preparation resources for SAT college entrance exam

Study Skills

Study Skills Manual

ACT Test Prep Info

AP Practice Exams and Course Descriptions

Sample Math Test from the University of Maryland

Sample Placement Exams

Test Taking Strategies on Prezi