College Facts & Tips

Planning for college should begin even before a student enters high school. Enrolling in a rigorous course schedule will prepare students for the challenges of college. Further preparation for college should include: registering and taking standardized tests (SAT and/or ACT), finding colleges that match a student's academic and career interests, making visits to schools of interest, and completing applications.

Choosing a college should account for a student's values, interests, and future career plans. While a well-planned high school course schedule helps to prepare students for their desired career, choosing a college that has a strong program and history in that career field is just as important. Below are some resources to help students find and choose an appropriate post-secondary school.

ISAC Student Portal - The Preferred CPS Website for preparing for college, careers, and scholarships

Other Websites of Interest

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College Net - Forum to converse with other college students

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College View - Guide to finding colleges by specific criteria

College Zone - Information on colleges, scholarships and career planning

Common Application Website - College admissions application used by over 600 colleges

Common Application for HBCUs - College admissions application used by over 46 Historically Black colleges and Universitites

Education Planner - Information to begin a plan your college preparation

Illinois State Board of Education - Informational profiles on institutions of higher education in Illinois

New York Times article on creative essays

Peterson's - College and graduate school information

The Princeton Review - Test prep and college admissions information

U.S. News and World Report - College rankings

Work Bloom's Student Resumes Example - Example of a resume for a student applying to college